VK Marketing provides clients with a cost-effective marketing experience. With a solid background and thorough knowledge of digital and print advertising, marketing and PR, we work effectively, creatively and most importantly, within the client’s budget.

The VK Marketing team has over 16 years of experience in Shopping Centre Marketing as well as Promotions, Product Launches, Children’s and Family entertainment. 

During our course of existence we have been involved in liaising with many different large companies locally as well as overseas i.e. Nicholson and Enid Blyton. The main responsibilities were to organize and make sure that the promotion or function was organised and executed to the client’s requirements. VK Marketing has been involved in creating and managing one of the Guinness Book of Records attempts: Rustenburg Mall has achieved the Longest Breakfast table when a 1500 people were served breakfast in 17 minutes. During this time we have also implemented and successfully organised many events such as: Ladies evenings, Charity events, Golf days , Chess tournaments, Corporate Christmas functions, as well as Children’s functions.

With the wealth of knowledge we have been able to conceptualize , organize and implement functions where the customers has seen a growth turn over as well as a favourable return on investment.  We specialize in Adult corporate and Children’s entertainment. We organize from start to finish. From entertainers, to craft events, Old Fashioned Games through to Catering.- we do it all. We have recently launched our school team building events whereby learners are encouraged to become TEAM players. 

VK Marketing are specialists in promotion and generating an awareness for your product , service and promotion.

We stand out, customized to meet our client’s exact needs, providing effective marketing strategies and building a solid brand. We will blend  both the graphic and verbal elements of all your communication tools, from brochures to websites, with effective designs which will enhance your company ’s image. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand identity, roll out a new creative campaign or promotion, VK Marketing will help you meet your objectives.

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